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Pop ups

Embedded forms

Creating an embedded form in Sendimpactt follows a similar process to creating a pop-up form, with a few distinctions:

  1. Navigate to the "Sign up Forms" section and click on the "Embedded Form"..embedded form selection
  2. Provide a name for your form & “Select a mail list”
  3. Then inside the options you can adjust the following:
    • Form title
    • Custom redirect url
    • Custom CSS
    • You also get the option to include or exclude the stylesheet. 
  4. Copy the entire code and paste it in the relevant section of your website.

By following these steps, you can create an embedded form tailored to your specific needs, seamlessly integrating it into your website for efficient lead generation and audience engagement.

Form Builder

The foundation of a robust email marketing strategy lies in cultivating an audience of contacts who are genuinely interested in hearing from you and engaging with your brand. If you're in the process of building your contact list, Sendimpactt offers tools to assist you in creating signup forms to expand your audience.

Using the form builder provided by Sendimpactt, you can design your signup forms and customize the signup response emails to align with your brand's identity. Once created, you can effortlessly share these forms across various online channels, enabling you to witness the growth of your audience.

Here's how the form builder works:

About the form builder: The form builder, accessible from your SendImpactt dashboard, empowers you to design, build, translate, and share your signup forms effectively.

With the form builder, you can also edit other essential components of the signup process, such as confirmation thank-you pages and final welcome emails. These elements serve as guides for your prospects, customers, clients, and associates as they transition into engaged subscribers.

Utilizing the form builder enables you to:

  1. Design: Craft visually appealing signup forms that reflect your brand's identity and messaging.
  2. Build: Construct your signup forms with various fields and options to gather pertinent information from your audience.
  3. Share: Distribute your signup forms seamlessly across your online platforms, including your website, social media channels, and email campaigns.

By leveraging the form builder provided by Sendimpactt, you can establish a solid foundation for your email marketing efforts, facilitating audience growth and fostering meaningful engagement with your brand.

Manage and customize form fields and response emails to communicate and nurture your audience.

How to Utilize the Form Builder

The form builder consists of three Features: Build it, Design it, and Share it, each serving distinct purposes in customizing your forms, signup response emails, and associated landing pages & sharing it

  1. The Build it :Here you'll establish the structure and content of your signup form and response emails. You can manage audience and signup form fields, allowing you to add or remove fields and adjust field settings.

    • Note: Removing a field from your signup form will also erase the corresponding data from your audience, so exercise caution when deleting fields.
  2. The Design :In the Design you'll have the opportunity to enhance the style, color, font, and graphics of your signup form and response emails.

    • Additionally, you can edit the page and body layout of your signup form and response emails.
    • Any modifications made here, such as altering background colors or fonts, will be applied universally across all pages and response emails, ensuring brand consistency and saving time.
  3. Sharing Your Form:Once your signup form is designed, you can effortlessly share it across various online channels. Simply copy your Signup Form URL from the form builder and distribute it wherever you deem appropriate.

Editable Items with the Form Builder:

The form builder allows you to edit various elements categorized under four sections in the Forms and response emails drop-down menu: Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Update Profile, and Other Bits. Here's what each section encompasses:

  • Subscribe: Customize items related to the subscription process, including the signup form, signup form with alerts, , confirmation thank-you page, and final welcome email.
  • Unsubscribe: Customize elements pertaining to the unsubscribe process, such as the unsubscribe form, unsubscribe success page, and goodbye email.
  • Update Profile: Modify items associated with updating profile information, such as the profile update email, profile update email sent confirmation page, update profile form, sample update profile form, and update profile thank-you page.
  • Others: Customize miscellaneous forms and pages linked to your audience, such as the forward to a friend form, about your list page, campaign archive page, survey landing page, and automation landing page.

By effectively utilizing the form builder provided by Sendimpactt, you can tailor your signup forms and response emails to align with your brand identity, streamline audience engagement, and foster meaningful connections with your subscribers.


Once someone has successfully signed up to your email list, you can find them on the Contact List tab and then to the List .

Select the relevant list which you have selected for the form.

You can see your Audience grow here.

Unconfirmed subscribers are email addresses who sign up on a form with double opt-in enabled but haven’t confirmed their subscription to your newsletter yet.

If you have double opt-in enabled for any of your forms, users will have to confirm their subscription after signing up.  information.

A confirmation email, which you can edit under the form’s Double opt-in tab, is sent. Here, they have to click the confirmation button to confirm their subscription to your newsletter.