Anti-Spam Policy

Sendimpactt follows a zero-tolerance spam policy and prohibits any users from sending unsolicited emails of any form while using our email marketing platform. By creating an account and using our email platform, you agree to comply with the Anti-spam Policy described below.

What kind of email are prohibited to send using Sendimpactt platform?

  • Sending emails, newsletters or marketing materials without a valid lawful basis or consent
  • Sending email to list generated from scrapping websites, business directories etc.
  • Using lists purchased or shared from third-party


Un-subscribe link on marketing emails and news letters

Every marketing email you send using Sendimpactt must include a single-click, clear and visible unsubscribe link added using our email editor. All our pre-built email template has un-subscribe link, clicking it by email recipient will immediately put your contact to unsubscribed tag. Once unsubscribed, email campaign automatically omits email delivery. You must not change status to subscribed without a consent from your contacts.

Account suspension

Sendimpactt reserve the right to monitor below related to your email marketing activities:

  • High bounce rate;
  • Abuse complaints, spamtrap hits or SpamCop reports
  • High percentage of unsubscribes.


We also reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to decide whether the above-mentioned bounce rate, spam complaints or unsubscribes are considered high or not.

If it turns out that you were sending emails without having a valid legal ground, we are fee to take following action

  • Suspend your account immediately;
  • No refund will be made.


We can ask you to prove that you have a legal ground. We have right to terminate your account if you do not have such proof. If proof is provided then we will re-activate your account.

Abuse Report

We take abuse report seriously. If we get any report that Sendimpactt customer is sending unsolicited emails, we thoroughly investigate each report and take appropriate action against the user who violated our policies.