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Empower your business to drive ROI and Loyalty with a simple and powerful marketing automation platform. Sendimpactt helps you unleash your full potential andcreate incredible customer experiences.

Automate your email marketing


earned on every 1 $ spent on email marketing.


of advertising is digital. Source: Wordsteram


of marketers increased brand awareness using digital marketing

Turbo charge your marketing
efforts to drive growth

Precisely target your audience, attract new customers with robust email marketing platform featuring

AI tools, marketing automation, sign-up forms, landing pages, and more.

G2 & Capterra reviews

Revolutionize your email marketing


Elevate brand presence with Sendimpact email marketing platform. Integrate automation, analytics, personalized content for impactful campaigns. Nurture leads, engage loyal customers effortlessly.

Uprising email marketing
Boost your subscriber list

Boost your subscriber list


Attract, engage, convert prospects through targeted emails. Tailored pages, pop-ups, sign-up forms maximize campaigns for quality leads, sales boost.


Grow Your
Business Sales

Marketing automation


Effortlessly maximize efficiency and engagement with automation tools for segmentation, personalization, and workflows, streamlining campaigns and engaging customers effectively.

Markeitng automation with Send Impactt
Stats of email marketing campaign

Email campaign statistics

Streamlined statistics of every email campaign in real time for informed decision making. Track open rate, click rate, and bounce rate to improve future campaign performance. 


Boost creativity using AI content generator

Empower your email campaigns with AI-driven subject and content writing: Personalized, optimized messaging for elevated engagement and conversions. Revolutionize your digital narration to the next level.

Email campaign uprising with AI
Safeguard Your Domain Reputation

Safeguard Your
Domain Reputation

  • Maintain list health automatically and prevent unwanted hard bounces with Reputation Defender, Sendimpactt’s list verification tool.
  • Our email verification tool offers most advanced set of checks to help reduce bounce rates and increase email deliverability and performance.

Everything You Need To Send Great Campaigns

Multiple Domains

Run marketing campaigns with beautiful emails and engage customers with email automation.

Bounce Checker

Keep domain reputation safe with email verification feature. Have your email list always clean and verified.

Dedicated IP

Achieve better email deliverability and control over your sender reputation. Shared IPs can be influenced by other users, but with a dedicated IP, you have more control.

About email marketing


Easily connect other web apps, CMS, CRM, and other e-commerce platforms, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and more with Sendimpactt so they seamlessly work together to share information, automate workflows.

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What our customer say about us.

The Package comes with everything I need to take my marketing to the next level. True value for the investment.

-Sempath T
Corporate Digital Marketer

Email verification feature helps us keep our subscriber list clean, which in turn helps us achieve the highest deliverability.

-Bob Peterson
Business owner

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All plans have features. There are no hidden costs. Start with 1,000 emails/month for free and upgrade when you are ready to scale up.

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