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Secure Email Reputation

Protect your sender reputation and supercharge your email outreach

Opt for Sendimapctt's dedicated IP add-on for exclusive email sending. Take control of your reputation and enhance deliverability with your unique IP.

You can benefit from a dedicated IP address if:

  • Seeking a clean slate, aiming to cultivate a robust email sender reputation from scratch.
  • Starting small, with ambitions to rapidly expand and monetize a list efficiently using a budget-friendly provider.
  • Possessing a substantial subscriber base (exceeding 10,000), prepared to deliver top-tier content and foster engagement.
  • Operating as an agency, extending email marketing services to clientele.

Whats Dedicated IP Address?

Email service providers, like Sendimpactt, typically utilize shared IP addresses across their user base. In contrast, a dedicated IP is exclusively assigned to your company, offering complete control over your email reputation and delivery performance. With a dedicated IP for your email marketing campaigns, you maintain full autonomy over your campaigns and delivery rates. Conversely, shared IPs involve multiple users sending emails from a single address, determined by the email service provider (ESP).
Know Dedicated IP Address
Get more Response from Emails

Earn more responses from your sales emails

Ensure every email lands in your prospects primary tab. Take full ownership of your IP reputation by securing a dedicated IP address that is uniquely assigned to you. Keep track of your account’s health and performance seamlessly through the dedicated Reputation section located within the dashboard.

When would you need a dedicated IP?

Key reasons for selecting a dedicated IP include surpassing 100,000 monthly or 50,000 weekly emails and necessitating total control over the sending IP. For enterprise-level brands with significant email volume and a focus on optimal open rates, a dedicated IP is a strategic choice. It grants complete reputation management, provided the IP is properly warmed up and best practices are followed.

Need a Dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP pricing

Dedicated IP is available only on an annual basis for Professional plan.


A dedicated IP address simplifies email authentication processes, as all emails originate from a single, consistent source. This enhances authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, bolstering sender reputation management efforts.

With a dedicated IP address, your email sending reputation is solely based on your own sending practices. This means that any issues or reputation fluctuations are solely attributed to your email campaigns, rather than being affected by other senders.

Dedicated IP addresses are not available for the free plan.

Typically, dedicated IP addresses are available for high volume senders with a monthly sending volume of 100,000 and more. Dedicated IP addresses are available on a monthly subscription basis.

Contact the customer service team if you need a dedicated IP address.

Yes, Sendimpactt allows you to switch between dedicated and shared IP addresses based on your sending needs and volume.

Dedicated IP addresses are available on monthly subscription basic, we dont provide a refund if you need to swith to shared IP address before end of the dedicated IP billing cycle.

Please note that you will need to revalidate your domain after switching back to a shared IP address due to a change in the email server you will be using for email delivery.

Dedicated IP addresses are available on a monthly subscription basis for paid plan subscribers only.

The monthly cost of a of a dedicated IP address is $25 without any set up fees.

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