Dedicated IP

Introduction to Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP is a unique IP address exclusively used for sending your email campaigns. You need it for better email deliverability and control over your sender reputation. Shared IPs can be influenced by other users, but with a dedicated IP, you have more control.

To set up a dedicated IP, please contact our support team. They will guide you through the process. Dedicated IPs are available as an add-on feature.

Yes, it’s possible to switch from a shared IP to a dedicated IP or vice versa. Contact our support team to request the change. Keep in mind that there may be associated fees or requirements.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP

You don’t necessarily need a dedicated IP for all your campaigns. It’s recommended for high-volume senders who want better control over their sender reputation. Smaller senders can often use shared IPs provided by the platform

Sender Reputation and Maintenance

Sender reputation is a measure of your email sending practices and how mailbox providers perceive your emails. To maintain a good sender reputation, follow best email marketing practices, monitor bounce rates and spam complaints, gradually increase your sending volume, and authenticate your emails using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

To warm up your dedicated IP, start with a low volume of emails and gradually increase. Send to engaged subscribers first, monitor your delivery rates, and adjust your practices accordingly. Follow our recommended warm-up plan for the best results.

If your dedicated IP’s reputation is compromised, work with our support team to identify the issues and take corrective actions. This may include identifying and removing problematic email lists or practices.

Multiple Dedicated IPs

Yes, you can have multiple dedicated IPs for various purposes, such as transactional emails and marketing campaigns. This helps separate sending practices and maintain better deliverability.

You can monitor your IP’s performance and reputation by accessing our platform’s reporting and analytics tools. Check delivery rates, bounce rates, and spam complaints regularly for insights into your dedicated IP’s performance.