Email verification

Email Verification

Sendimpactt makes it easy to verify your email lists

Email verification list

  1. Click on email verification 
  2. Then click on verify new list
  3. Upload the bulk CSV file which you want to verify
  4. Before uploading make sure it meets the following requirements:
    1. Server's max upload file size is limited to 1024M. Make sure your input file does not exceed this limit.
    2. The first row in your list can contain field names.
    3. Email addresses should appear in the same column in each row.
    4. Acceptable file type is CSV with a header row containing the column / field name like EMAIL
    5. You can download a sample input file here (Sample.csv)
  5. You will get a option to download the file and also you can see the results in the email verification dashboard.

Upload email verification CSV list

You can also verify the email list before the campaign to reduce the bounce rate and improve the delivery rate:

Please Note: Once a list is verified and if you want to re-verify the list you will need to reset the status of the email list

Every address you verify will have a result that is either "deliverable," "undeliverable," "risky," or "unknown." Here's what each means:




A deliverable result means the recipient's mail server stated the recipient exists. Sendimpactt has also performed additional analysis and determined this address is safe to send to within our 95% Delivery Guarantee.


An undeliverable result means the email address does not exist or is syntactically incorrect (and thus does not exist).


A risky result means the email address has quality issues and may result in a bounce or low engagement. Use caution when sending to risky addresses. Accept All, Disposable, and Role addresses are classified as Risky. These email addresses are potentially problematic and may require removal or additional testing.


Sendimpactt will return an unknown result when it is unable to get a response from the recipient's mail server. This often happens if the destination mail server is too slow or temporarily unavailable. In some cases, retrying your request after about 5 minutes will return a valid or invalid response. Unknown addresses don't count against your verification balance.


Verification Status:

In addition to the result of a verification, Sendimpactt also provides the reason for the result. These include "invalid_email," "invalid_domain," "rejected_email," "accepted_email,"

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